Mastering Corporate Meeting Dynamics
Danielle Johnson Crowley, MBA

Certified Corporate Leadership Coach
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7 Strategies to Leverage Meeting Dynamics to
Get the Recognition You Deserve

How You Will Benefit

In this class, you will learn to:
  • Identify the patterns of success in your organization.
  • Clarify and align your professional brand and physical presence.
  • Master techniques to favorably shift the perception others have of you.
  • Use tools to successfully launch and defend your ideas.

What You Will Cover

Learn to "Read" Business Meeting Dynamics
  • “Read” meeting participants so that you can communicate more effectively.
  • Develop awareness of the dominant communication styles.
  • Identify who is really in power.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Identify meeting allies and how to leverage them for success.

Professional Brand and Image
  • Identify your professional brand and what you want to be “famous” for at work.
  • How to strategically communicate your brand and promote your accomplishments.
  • How executive presence impacts others’ perception of you and your credibility.
  • Pin-point branding and executive presence skills you must have at each phase of your career to succeed and advance. (You can’t get this anywhere else!)
  • Identify your strengths in meetings and ways your skills need to grow.
  • One mental phenomena that holds 70% of all professionals back (and that strikes high-achieving women the hardest), and how to recognize and move past it.

Perception and Mindset Tools
  • How to make small changes to positively impact the way others perceive you.
  • Language you should, and should not, use when presenting ideas.
  • Tools to increase your confidence and sense of purpose at work.

Keys to Presenting and Defending Your Idea
  • The “to-do” preparation items.
  • Identify how to strengthen your idea and gain allies -- before the meeting.
  • 3 keys to defend your idea.

Who Should Attend

Emerging to mid-career female leaders interested in learning how to successfully launch ideas and navigate work politics effectively, to increase their influence and recognition.

Delivery Method

Live, interactive leadership development class, delivered online (and phone, if needed).

If you would like to bring this class to your organization, contact Danielle about in-person training options.

Launching and defending ideas successfully
is not always as straight-forward as making a good argument.

What Professional Women Are Saying About This Class

Denise Shields
Denise Shields, Ph.D.

"A must-attend! Danielle provides a tactical approach to getting the recognition you deserve at work."

Fortune 100 Health Services Company

"This webinar... covered content that I had not heard before and provided actionable advice on how to become more effective in meetings. I recommend this session to anyone interested in growing their career and/or improving their effectiveness within their organization."

Wells Fargo Advisors

Money-Back Guarantee

My guarantee is simple: If it doesn’t work, I shouldn’t be paid.

So if you follow the strategies and techniques provided in this course within 30 days and are not happy, return your completed “action and result” planner (included with the class), and I will fully refund your money.

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